An occasional diary for the garden.

4th February 2017

New changes and improvements for 2017

The expansion of the garden near the bottom of the garden to allow the gardens to join together harmoniously. New features will be Beech hedging round an oak tree and bench, and rose arches leading to a sleaping giant.

Replacement of Box hedges in the Hydrangea garden with Burbris buxifolia

Extra planting round the pool bank and new hedging with a view to replacing the Box

4th February 2017

Each year it is a large task to prune all the tree, the limes, fruit trees, and this year we had a go at the large Plain trees that guard the entrance. The idea is to lighten the top so that they are better able to withstand the strorms.

4th November 2016

The plough was stored in the barn for years time to make it useful once again. painted the original colours and set in the Topiary garden

29th August 2015

A call to arms this week from conservationists battling a ruthless alien invader: Himalayan balsam, currently choking the Norfolk Broads. A deceptively pretty Victorian introduction, it's now threatening timid little native plants like marsh lousewort (Pedicularis palustris).
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