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The Logis Gardens

Between La Rochelle and Niort stands The Logis de Grange, the ancestral home of the 'de Ranques' family. It is a 17th Century historic manoir.  The property dates back to the 15th century when it was a pilgims lodge. 

When we bought the property in 1998, the 10 acres of gardens were largely derelict.  It had been set out with grass and trees for convenience.  It is bisected by a set of canals known locally as conches.

The house is about 45km inland from La Rochelle on the west coast of France in a flat coastal plane.  In Roman times it was largely under water until the Dutch helped drain the land and create the Venise Vert or 'green Venice'. The garden stands on the edge of this area. The climate goes from one extreme to another.  Due to heavy winter rains the ground can become waterlogged. By contrast, the summers are extremely hot and dry. Winter temperatures can drop to 12 degrees below zero with biting Atlantic gales freezing all but the hardiest of plants. The soil is highly alkaline ranging from PH 7.8 to 10, it is very fast draining and often low in nutrients. 

This all adds drama to the habitation - but at some cost!  Consequently, much of the garden design has involved measures to counteract the prevailing conditions by creating wind breaks, watering systems, improving the soil and the creation of gardens within gardens.  

The design of the garden was further complicated by the fact that the areas are all irregular.  The challenge was to create a formal structure with informal planting.
The climate makes drought tolerant plants the choice for most summer beds.
What follows on this web site are the trials and tribulations of creating an Anglo French garden under trying circumstances. We aim to show the progress over the years with up to date news about projects and planting.
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