At the entrance to the Logis stand two magnificent Plain trees probably the oldest pair in the region. We can only take informed guess as to their true age but they are at least two hundred and fifty to three hundred years old and unusually for France have been allowed to grow in a natural form. They survived the storm of 2000  just, one moving only a little while hundreds of grand trees were toppled around us including 50 of our own. Their still remain a number old and interesting trees but since that devistating year we have put that sadness behind us and looked forward planting hundreds of new trees.
  • Albresia


  • Platinus Hispanica, Plain tree

    Platinus Hispanica, Plain tree

    These trees frame the entrance and are somewhere between 250 and 300 years old
  • Catalpa


    In bloom in June the tree is around 200 years old
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