Faced with a large area of woodland scrub in the garden and the need to keep the maintenance down, I decided to create a sort of shrubbery using the trees left after the 2000 storm as a framework, under planting with smaller shrubs and trees. The idea was to create an area of planting that was dense and shady enough to reduce maintenance . The paths are just mown grass and meander through creating little pools of light and small vistas. This idea was also meant to create protection from the strong south westerly winds and frosts for other parts of the garden. As you come over the white metal bridge there are two paths to your right one bordered by Hydrangeas and Buddleja, the other with Hibiscus, and both lead to the bee garden. On the left side is a long straight grass avenue to an old Chestnut Tree and along the canal are meandering grass paths through shrubs.
The newest area to be planted is to the left of the pavilion. A yew tree hedge boarders the circular lawn leaving a gap with a path planted with roses over  arches. The arches were inspired by a Japanese trip. To the right way half down is an old oak and bench to admire the wood with bluebells in spring in the distance. Along the rose walk you may turn left to meet the the grass avenue and link back up to the white bridge. However if you continue along the rose walk you come to the sleeping giant in the trees, beyond is the old nuttery.
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